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About the Book

The love between a girl and her father is unlike any other love. He is her hero. He teaches her to be independent and stand for what she believes. She teaches him how to express love through words and actions. The manliest of men succumb to the call of fatherhood and yearn for an adornment between a father and his daughter.

An Average Joe: An Extraordinary Father is a story of a gentleman who is a self-proclaimed average man. Although he prefers the simple life and to remain an obscure figure in the background, there is one area of his life where he is always present and visible— in  the lives of his daughters as he nurtures, supports, and challenges them in pursuit of their full potential.

It is a charming story about a father and his daughters as they navigate the journey of life, recollect old memories, and create new ones. During their journey of self-discovery, they learn the meaning of true love and experience a father-daughter relationship unlike any other.

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