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The View Is Worth The Climb

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Throughout my entire life, the sources of my fears have not wavered. I am not afraid of death, yet I am terrified of injury with serious bodily harm. The gore that unfolds on the screen during horror films makes me squeamish, so I avoid those movies all together or watch through peepholes of my fingers, as I shield my eyes. Bugs of all shapes and species elicit a shrieking scream, which is usually quickly thereafter followed by an escape path. Surprisingly to most, as an avid traveler, my fear of heights is likely the one that most prevents me from fully embracing the best adventures of life. Oftentimes, I question if the convergence of my fear of heights and my fear of bodily injury are the perfect combination for the paranoia of trepidation that keeps me tethered; grounded in fear with an unwillingness to experien